Mini Pigs ~ Geese ~ Chickens & Eggs!!!!! 

All Natural ~ Wholesome Goodness
Our animals are fed a 100% all natural diet.  No antibiotics, hormones or chemicals are used. The animals, as well as their eggs are all natural. We endeavor always to use homeopathic treatment in the best interest of the animals. We respect the life of each animal and make them feel as happy and as safe as possible.all of our animals are raised as pets.

About us...
We have a small, family farm nestled in the Temecula Vineyards. We care for each animal with full attention to their health and quality of life. Their comfort and well being is always our highest priority. You will frequently see our animals roaming about the farm grazing, or as we like to call it, gardening. Several of our animals have been rescued and given a new opportunity to enjoy life. All the animals are raised as companion animals for their by products. Our animals are treated as pets. Our farm animals are enjoying a high quality of life.

We are very proud to be a well recognized ethical breeder by Mini Pig Breeders Inc, a national organization and Perfectly Pigs Non-profitt. What this means to you?  We are honest about the piglet you are getting. You won't be getting a full size pot belly pig. When we sell you a mini pig, it is truly a mini pig. When size matter choose a recognized, ethical breeder. 

The health of our animals is our greatest priority. Please call ahead so hat we may make appropriate arrangements for your visit. 

** Currently the USDA has requested that farm visits be limited. Only future piggy parents will be able to visit.  We hope you understand, 

Piggy Help

Between 3-6 months of age your piggy may start testing the boundaries and start behaving naughty. This would be equivalent to our terrible two's.  At this stage is it very important that you become a very stern piggy parent and let them know what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Be consistent in your reinforcement of behaviors. Use positive reinforcement as well as affirm expectations. Remember this loving little piggy is yours for about 15 - 20 years and will be there for you the entire time.  Some excellent online resources are:

Mini Pig Breeders Inc.

Remember that you are your piggy's whole world. Your piggy depends entirely upon you to teach, nurture and develop it into the amazing piggy that will love you for years to come.