We can deliver your piggie to its new forever home.

Piggies Are Ready For Forever Homes

Complete the Piggy adoption Form to arrange for a private showing. We have waiting lists for people that are wanting to have a special piggy to make them happy. Visits are limited to piggy parents that are ready to adopt. We have open farm visits, In the spring - summer and fall, for people that want to visit the piggies and learn more about them. 

Basic Information About Piggies

They are very intelligent animals that love to play and be a part of the family.  They have the unique ability to create bonds with their families and feel true connections with their family. They feel joy, happiness, compassion and love for their loved ones just as humans do. For this reason they are being used as therapy animals more and more. Their ability to keenly understand their family members and give them the love and support they need is superior to many other companion animals. They truly are amazing pets.

Their diet is completely controlled with healthy foods.  No scraps of left overs have ever been fed to our pigs.  They enjoy acres to roam around freely and get plenty of exercise.  You can often see the little ones having pig races and kicking up a dust storm or snuggling up to you for a special treat.

They easily get litter box trained.  We've had tremendous success in having them box trained in as little as 2 days.  Unlike dogs that take a lot of dedication and oops training, pigs understand quite quickly what is expected of them and learn how to do it well.

Our Mini / Juliana pigs grow to be about the size of a medium dog up to 14", if given a healthy diet and room for exercise. These piggies are the same as what many may refer to as micro mini, nano or teacup; all designer names created by breeders to accent the fact that their piggies are small.  The parents are all at the farm and you can see what their final size estimate may be. No ethical breeder will ever guarantee a 20 lb healthy adult piggy.

Our sows have several piggies through out the year and would love to be a part of your forever home. We take great care of our pigs and look after them to have the best of health. We only breed our girls once a year and take great care to make them comfortable and secure. If you have a mama that you would love to have a piggy from we recommend placing a deposit on her next litter. Some piggies are sold months before their birth in order to select the perfect piggy for you. We are a registered farm through Mini Pig Breeders Inc, ,meeting their high ethical standards with the best interests of the pig first.

Girasol Farm piggies have been hand carried and socialized from day one and are very comfortable with humans. It is very normal for piggies to squeel when they are picked up. They do not feel safe when they are held and take time to get to know you and know they are safe. You should not expect them to be quiet and easy to handle from the first day. They will need to learn to trust you and accept you as part of their family. Once a piggy bonds with his family he develops a strong relationship and creates an emotional attachment. For this reason it is important that piggies be placed in FOREVER homes.  

All boys have been neutered to control unwanted behavior; aggressiveness and growth of their tusks. We offer guidance and support in making your piggy feel right at home with you. Each piggy goes home with full instructions and support from us. Should you have any questions please contact us, we are here to help you and your piggy every step of the way.

 Visit our Piggy Information Page for important documents.