Are you ready to become a Piggy Parent?

It is very important to us that our piggies find forever homes. Piggies require a 20 year commitment from their new family. They develop a very stong bond with their family and they suffer when they are removed from their family. They are very smart, in fact they have the intelligence of a 4 year old human child. This allows them the capacity to learn very quickly and respond with intelligence to many situations ... They will express likes and dislikes just like humans. They will sit with you and watch TV.... yes WATCH. Ours' love shows with animals and bright colors.

As piglets they do require some patience and understanding. They need to understand that they are safe with you and that you will take care of them. All they know is their home with their parents and us at the farm. Their stay at our home is two weeks during their 7-8th week, so a new home is quite a difference and they need to get to know you.  No worries, they will learn to do lots of new tricks with you quite quickly.  The more you are willing to teach them and help them understand, the better your relationship will be.

Expect the little piggy to be squeely at first. They feel very scared when their feet are off the ground. This is not natural for them. It would be as if a giant were picking you up and cuddling you for the first time... it would be scary. Holding them close to your person and letting them know they are safe is the best way to get them used to you.  They do not smell bad, if you give them a proper piggy diet and clean their litter regularly. They can be potty trained in two days ... try to get a dog to do that. They love to keep their sleep and eating area clean and will potty in a designated place.

All of our piggies go home with full instructions and a life time of support. We will be there for better or for worse as long as you have the piggy. We want to make sure all of you have every opportunity to have a great relationship with your piggy.  Please answer the following questions to help us better know where the piggy will be going and if this would be the best situation for you. It is very important to us that the piggies have the best possible opportunity to find their perfect home. We review each form in detail to find a perfect match. We not endorse "impulse" adoptions that may end up with the family and piggy having a hard time. We encourage you to take your time until all of you are ready to become a piggy's family.

Piggy Parent Form

Do you own or rent your home?

Does your city allow pigs in homes?

Will the piggy have an outdoor area to root? This is very important!

When would you like to see the piggies? We only offer visits during daylight hours.

Do you understand that our mini piggies may get as large as 60 pounds and 14"? This is larger than what their expected size is, but it is a possibility. No ethical breeder will telling you otherwise. Our Julianas and Juliana Hybrids may grow to be 12" and 50+ lbs. if not given a healthy diet and exercise?

Are you at least 18 years of age? We can only sell piggies to people of age for legal reasons.

Once the retainer has been placed on the piggy we do not sell the piggy to anyone else. For this reason there are no refunds on retainers. Once we well piggies the intent is that you will be their home FOREVER. If the piggy is returned there will be no refunds.

Thank you! We will review your application as soon as possible.